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About Me

B.A., HDip Psych., MSc., DPsychSc

I am Dr Deborah McNamara, a Galway based Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years of experience working within the health care professions. I provide a confidential supportive space where clients can safely explore their concerns at a pace that feels comfortable to them.

My goal is to empower people to discover their inner strength and to make meaningful changes that will enhance their lives. I am committed to providing evidenced based therapies that support people in building healthier, stronger and more compassionate relationships with themselves and others.

Areas of Expertise


Generalised Anxiety Disorder | Social Anxiety | Obsessive Compulsive Disorder| Phobias | Panic Attacks


Low Mood | Lack of motivation | Feelings of sadness, emptiness and/or hopelessness | Poor Sleep | Appetite changes

Grief & Bereavement

Sadness | Anger | Guilt | Loneliness | Fatigue | Shock | Yearning | Helplessness


Anxiety | Depression | Distress | Fear of Recurrence | End of Life Care


IUI, IVF, ICSI | Egg and sperm donation | Embryo donation | Surrogacy | Pregnancy Loss


Domestic Adoption | Intercountry Adoption | Adoptees | Birth Parents

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